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Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery is a powerful solution to repair Access database files (ACCDB and MDB), irrespective of their cause of corruption. The do-it-yourself Access database repair software incorporates effective repairing techniques to repair almost Access database objects, including reports, forms, tables, modules, and macros. The non-destructive Access Repair tool ensures safe repair by not modifying or deleting the data saved in the original file. details..

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Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery is an advanced SQL Database Repair application that repairs corrupt/damaged MSSQL database objects like, queries, index, tables, stored procedures, triggers, and defaults. The repaired MS SQL Server objects can be stored at the user-specified location. Compatible with MS SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000, the SQL repair software can repair SQL database even when the DBCC CHECKDB command fails to do so.

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Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL provides complete MySQL database repair for database objects (tables, views, etc.) built in InnoDB and MyISAM database engines. Supported by MySQL 5.x and 4.x, the self-explanatory MySQL Repair software supports repair of database objects on both Windows and Linux platforms. The read-only application can also repair MySQL database components, irrespective of whether Repair command is able to do so.details

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Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery ensures absolute repair of corrupt Oracle 9i database objects, like tables, table spaces, schemas, indexes, views, etc. These repaired components are saved in the database, which is built before the start of repair process. The Oracle Database Repair utility can repair Oracle database after almost all kinds logical corruption scenarios. With non-destructive nature and to-the-point documentation, the Oracle repair tool is safe and easy to use. details..

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Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery is user-friendly utility to repair DB2 database objects, like containers, tables, triggers, views, schemas, and more. Compatible with IBM DB2 (UDB) v8, the DB2 database repair application allows both manual and automatic options to repair DB2 database. Designed for Windows 2003, XP, and 2000 operating systems, the DB2 repair software performs repair without making changes in the original file. details..

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Stellar Phoenix DBF Recovery is a professional DBF database repair tool that repairs and restores corrupt DBF files created with dBase (III to V) and Microsoft Visual FoxPro (6.0 to 9.0) applications. The DBF Repair software is competent enough to recovers and restores DBF file components, like table name, column data type, primary keys, column name, and indexes. The tool can repair DBF database file and restore it to default or new user-specified location. details

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I had a most pleasant and satisfactory experience with your data recoery software. It was efficient, easy to use and saved me a great deal of stress in recovery the information before me deal of stress in recovery

RW Pollack, MD

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